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I am a huge fan of NOT getting sucked into the “heatlhy noodle” AKA the Vegetable-based noodle, the low carb noodle, the brown rice noodle, the gluten free noodle and the list goes on and on. More often than not, these noodles are JUST AS BAD for you as regular white pasta. I get it, we all want to eat our carbs and be happy! But switching to these seemingly “healthier” pasta options won’t help you lose weight. What WILL help you lose weight while keeping pasta in your diet???? MODERATION and PORTION SIZE. But, if you’re like me – I want to eat ALL the noodles I want and not gain weight. The solution? Ditch the fake healthy pasta and make your own (actual) veggie based noodles! Bring on the ZOODLES and all their counterparts!!!!!

Clean eaters have been uniting world-wide over the idea of ditching that eviiiiiil carby pasta for a “cleaner” version by taking any vegetable you can think of and making it into a noodle. So, I decided to finally hop on this awesome bandwagon and pick me up a fancy-shmancy zoodle maker.

I researched a bit on what kind of device I wanted… hand held or counter top mountable. I decided to go with a zoodle maker that was mountable so that it would be easier to make my veggie noodle. After scouting out numerous reviews on Amazon, I finally decided on this brand: Breiftons Tri-Blade Spiralizer. Not only is it an awesome color, but it works FABULOUS!


  • Easy to set up
  • Countertop mountable feature allows for stable spiralizing
  • Sliding crank works really well and does not get stuck
  • Easy to clean and take apart
  • 3 blade choices for endless PASTAbilities
  • Green color doesn’t stain easily – but if it does, it will be well hidden 😉
  • Small size allows for easy storing
  • 3 blades are stored in the machine itself so you won’t lose the extra blades
  • The Brieftons website is very informative on how to use the product
  • Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!
  • The suction cups don’t work well on porous surfaces so it slid a few times on my granite
Overall, EVERYONE needs a zoodle maker in their lives! This model is an awesome choice and I HIGHLY recommend it! I can’t wait to make so many dishes including spaghetti, pho, apple tarts and MUCH more!
To purchase or review this zoodle maker, click here.



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