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Have you ever completed a workout or run that was so strenuous you KNEW the next day (or next hour) you would be so sore you could barely move a body part?! I HAVE!


When I ran my last half marathon, I decided it would be fun to walk through the main event area with all of the vendors (I love doing this to see whats new and upcoming!) —- I was casually minding my own business when I was distracted by a good looking guy and a weird massager thing… Upon further investigation (and a long rub down by my good looking massager friend) I decided to purchase this weird thing that looked like an old table sander!

Here’s why this massager is so awesome:

1. It’s easy to use and the industrial chord makes it convenient to plug in and get your massage on anywhere!
2. Deep tissue massages never need to be scheduled again with this gem… you can do it yourself! Work the massager in different angles to get deeper into the muscles.
3. You can buff your lotion in!! Say hello to smooth skin!
4. You can remove your stubble!!! SAY WHAT!? YEP! There is a pad you put on to remove extra dry skin and hair stubble. I used it on my heels too and they are SMOOTH as a baby’s bottom now – all that gross gym shoe foot is gone! =)

Buffing with the exfoliator

Buffing with the exfoliator

Lotion on!

Lotion on

5. Different speeds allow you to adjust intensity
6. My whole family is on the BFF bandwagon… seriously, even my grandparents.
7. Use it for post workouts, or just stiff or sore muscles. My mom has been using it on her arthritic knees and has noticed a huge difference! Breaking up that tight muscle fiber helps to make the body work again =)
8. It comes in pink (but I got it in blue for the speeds…. still worth a mention though lol)

Massaging post 1/2 marathon! Feels SO good!

Massaging post 1/2 marathon! Feels SO good!


So what are you waiting for!? I know, I know… it’s a bit steep when you are on a budget… trust me, if you can make it happen – do it! My cheap ass did… and I am glad I did!

Plus, here’s a code for 15% off your entire purchase to make it just a bit sweeter…. use code “KFAB” at checkout. Get yours HERE.

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