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I get asked ALL. THE. TIME. where my extra skin went after losing almost 90 pounds & more recently, having a baby.

I wish I could tell you that I had it removed or that it flew away off to a land where extra fat goes to burn in hell… but, it didn’t. In fact, it stayed on my body and I got really good at disguising it.

Here are just a few shots of the leftover results from weight loss and child birth:


Belly Skin – it hangs over everything and is known to fly out of my pants when I work out.


Arm skin AKA bat wings – and yes, I probably could fly with it.
This is also probably the best disguised skin I have.


Under arm, bra fat skin – I hate this one… it is constantly bulging over my bras!


I also have loose skin on my thighs that jiggles when I walk in shorts. I would have taken a picture of that one, but I didn’t want to break the internet with a vag shot 😛

You might look at these pictures and think it isn’t bad at all… and, fair enough. But, it is a constant struggle of mine. I am not self conscious of this on the daily, but every now and then it does cross my mind.

My skin hasn’t gone anywhere and the only real way to get rid of it is to have it cut off. I probably will have a tummy tuck once I am done having kids, but for now, I try to accept it.

Tips for accepting your own loose skin:

  1. Use it as a reminder for how far you have come and where you never want to be again.
  2. Focus on the parts of your body you do love.
  3. Let it be an open door for others to ask you about your journey.
  4. Once you hit your goal weight, lift heavy. You can fill some of the loose skin with muscle so it doesn’t look as loose. (this has been my main goal!)

Loose skin is pretty inevitable with a large weight loss. Depending on how fast you loose the weight, your skin elasticity, age, etc. you could have more or less. NEVER let the fear of loose skin deter you from losing weight. 

Being healthy & happy more than outweighs the side effects of loose skin. 🙂


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