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As you all know by now, my son Rian was diagnosed with horrible GERD & MSPI. He has always had to sleep at an incline. This wasn’t much of problem when he was smaller because he fit PERFECTLY in a rock n’ play (similar to this one) that was handed down to us from my generous cousin.

The rock n’ play was great because it kept him in one spot and I didn’t have to worry about him rolling around. As mothers of GERD babies well know, when they are uncomfortable and their symptoms are acting up, they squirm… A LOT.

So, when Rian outgrew the rock n’ play, I had a freak out moment. What were we going to do?! 

I bought a wedge for his pack n’ play and tried to barricade him in with a boppy, blankets & anything else I thought might keep him in one spot. Nothing worked. My little wiggle worm moved everywhere!!! He loves to push himself down to the bottom of beds so his feet are all scrunched up or hanging over.

Then, while thinking about what we could do to rectify the sleeping situation… my mother walks in with a gift from the heavens above – wrapped neatly in plastic and Buy Buy Baby garb. Lo and behold, friends, the Dexbaby DayDreamer Infant Sleep Seat.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 9.22.22 PM

Yup, this crazy looking velvety bed has been a lifesaver for Rian (and his parent’s) sleep!

At first, I thought the fabric would make my already hot baby even hotter – but he seems to do just fine! Plus it removes easily and can be thrown in the washer (WIN!).

The bed is very light and not too big. We put it in a pack n’ play to keep Rian more upright and off the ground since he isn’t in his own room yet (thanks to random vomiting and possibly choking). We still have lots of room for storage and his bed to fit perfectly in a standard sized Pn’P. I think it would also fit in a travel sized pack n’ play if you have a smaller space to fit.

Shopping Tip: ALWAYS use a coupon at Buy Buy Baby for 20% off – it saves you like $20 on this thing! 🙂


I also love that Rian can’t scoot himself all over – those harness straps really work! There is a pad that goes over the front part of the T strap… but if the velcro isn’t aligned perfectly, it snags his Aden & Anais blankets. He doesn’t care if it’s on or off, so for the sack of his A&A, we keep it off.

*For size reference, Rian is 5 months old and about 18 pounds.

So, there ya have it! Try it out, if it works AWESOME… if not, return it. If there is one thing motherhood teaches you reaaaaaal quick, it’s how to return a shit ton of baby products that don’t work for you 😛



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