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A tour through my work of art =)



My first tattoo was the heart, clovers and crown. It is a take on the Irish claddagh, meaning loyalty, love and friendship. Inside of the heart, I have a clover for each of my sisters. At the time, I was going to do the whole claddagh, but then decided to simplify it into this.

Awhile later, I wanted to add on to the heart and crown. I went to a psychic with my mom and we were able to connect with my great grandmother. At the end of the session, we asked her what she would do differently in life, if given the chance. She responded that she would have not been so rigid about everything being done (cleaning, ironing, etc.) and instead she would have enjoyed life a little more. She also showed a picture of a bouquet and said that she would had lived life like an all red rose bouquet. She would go back, and instead, live in a bouquet made of many different flowers. She would have experienced different people and enjoyed learning about different cultures. I got the banner and the flowers surrounding the heart to remind me to live and really experience life and the differences that make each person amazing.


The next tattoo I got was 2 poppies above my heart. Poppies are my twin sister and I’s birth flower. These are for the bond we share as twins, sisters and friends!

They are our favorite flowers as well as carnations!





Moving right on up the back, I got this piece in a time when it was rough financially for my family. My dad own’s his own custom cabinet shop, and all of my life, things have been either very good or really bad.

Right after high school, I worked with him and my mom in his shop. We were in a very bad position when I decided to get this piece. I put it on my shoulder so that when I looked in the mirror, I would remember to have faith in God and in us always being exactly where we need to be. I am a HUGE believer in the fact that you are always lead to where you need to be at that specific time. Things will always work out exactly how they are suppose to. Always have faith that you are right where you need to be in this moment and that you will soon learn the reason why.


This was my $50 tattoo (reward) for losing 50lbs. I always wanted a side piece but I was always WAY too self conscious to get one. I promised myself that when I lost the weight, I would face my insecurities and just go for it. So I did!

This piece is very meaningful to me for many reasons. One being that God & my family will always love me no matter what I go through or the decisions I make (good or bad) in life.


This tattoo is a memorial piece for a dear loved one who passed away suddenly due to cancer. I found out one day that he was very sick, and the next day, he was gone. It was hard to go through.

This tattoo says “we walk together always”, meaning that he is with me (and all my other loved ones) no matter which life or world divides us. Even in death, we always walk together.


I added on to my $50 tattoo with this piece!

I love my family tree. It represents two people coming together to create roots stronger than anything. From the bond these two people share, branches of life grow and continue to branch out.

Nothing can break my family. We will ALWAYS have each other’s backs and be there no matter what.┬áIf you look closely at the roots, you can see an infinity sign representing the infinite love and bond we share.


This one has become my motto. Never give up on any dream you might have.

Nothing is too small or too big. If you want it, go out and get it. The only one stopping you is YOU.





My latest (and unfinished) piece.

Like all my tattoos, this one holds a special place in my heart. This tattoo is for my grandparents. On first glance, you might just think I am a crazy alcoholic who has a gambling addiction (lol). But really, it is very symbolic.

Every day, I spend hours playing cards with my grandma. We have played cards since I was barely walking. She is my queen of hearts and the woman I look up to and admire more than anyone.

Instead of the classic flower that this queen holds, I wanted to incorporate my grandpa as well. At 5 o’clock every day, we have cocktail hour. We both drink Jameson on the rocks while my grandma sips on vodka. At every family occasion, we toast to our loved ones and the future with a shot of Jameson. This bottle means so much more than just a buzz – it is a bond that I share with my grandpa that has been built throughout the years with memories.

This piece will be finished at the end of May with a frame.

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