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I am a Spartan… and you can be too!


Honestly, I always thought Spartan Races were for the Crossfitters who just wanted to prove they are actually crazy and can perform awesomely hard feats while being wet and muddy. Well, I was totally wrong and I’d like seconds of the Spartan Cray Cool-aid. Like now.

I didn’t train much differently prior to the race. I kept my functional approach with lots of body weight work, lifting and a few cardio sprint sessions. If you have a relatively solid upper body regime, you’ll be just fine. I found the upper body work to be the most prominent throughout the race. Between the walls, heavy objects to carry and monkey bar variations, there was quite a bit of upper body work to be done.

Getting in a few trail runs also helps with training for the race. In Lake Elsinore, the paths were pretty flat with some trecks down rocks and hills. You know what also helps? Having a buddy.

While most people are SUPER (and I highly emphasis this!) helpful, it’s always better to have someone to encourage you and…. also let you sit on their back while you make your way across the horizontal wall traverse! 🙂 (Luckily there were two angels from heaven who showed my friend and I how to get across with no feet assistance).

Speaking of obstacles, I thought we had some pretty great ones! While some seemed a bit redundant (numerous walls and two rounds of slightly different heavy carries for example), I enjoyed the variety. The inverted wall was my favorite. Some of the other obstacles we encountered were the barbed wire “crawl” (we all got high off rolling), tire flip, net climb, atlas carry, monkey bars, rings, sand bag carry, bucket carry, plate drag, rolling mud and slippery wall.


I approached each obstacle with slight apprehension as I had NO idea whether I’d actually be able to do it. I put my best face on and made sure I at least gave it my best go before succumbing to burpees. To my surprise, I completed all of them except for the rope climb.

What did I love most of all about the Spartan Race? The strong sense of community. It was as if everyone came together (no matter the shape, age or color) to overcome obstacles some never thought possible.

The emcee was amazing at starting the race off with a warm up. He pumped us up before we even left the corral by getting us chanting and encouraging each other. Making sure to set the environment with hearty AROOOO’s, camaraderie genuinely filled the air. This is the cool-aid I’m talking about.

I have never raced with such excitement & fear and I was so proud and inspired by the time I jumped over that fire with my friend. We had completed a race we never thought we could. We joined arms with individuals of all backgrounds and we came together to accomplish everything. Together, we all became Spartans. Together, we worked hard and set forth to do the best we could while helping others along the way. We started as strangers, but we ended as family.

This might seem like some crazy blog post, but honestly…. if you are thinking of doing a race. Do it! I promise, you’ll be changed forever.


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