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On November 5th, I decided to take a break from Facebook and Instagram. You might be wondering, “why in the EF would you want to do that?!

I know, I know…. we are so INGRAINED into social media it’s practically the only way we communicate these days. I have no idea when your birthday is if I am not notified by Facebook to send you a virtual gift. My phone book is relatively empty considering how many friends and followers I have. Verbal communication has become a gift that isn’t exercised regularly these days. And holy cow, forgive me if I forget to post a picture of what I am eating right now or film a killer workout I did this morning.

In most cases, no one cares about the quality of material I post…. as long as it’s a correctly angled selfie, photo of Rian or perfectly plated food, the masses are happy.


So, in order to be more present in real life, I decided to get off of my “money maker” and get on to what’s really important.

I was a little apprehensive at first. Social media has become a part of my business and a huge part of my life – who am I without it?

I am a better mom, wife, daughter, and granddaughter. I am a better caregiver. I have more time to sit and really take life in. I can connect in conversation with people who don’t know everything I am doing on a daily basis. I am able to sit down and write a blog post or conduct research without tabs open to my social pages. I can focus and learn. And some days, I can just be. Do you know how long it has been since I have just lived without documentation? Too long.

Yesterday, I took a trip to Roger’s Gardens with Rian, my mom, sisters, brother in law and friend.  It was amazing. I was present, my phone stayed put away, and I really enjoyed being in the moment with friends and family. I’ve missed this.

Rian and I sat and enjoyed watching the trains go by for a long time. I never once thought about taking his picture or whipping out my phone to tell someone about it.


Don’t get me wrong, social media has been amazing in helping me achieve my goals of weight loss, running a half marathon, becoming a personal trainer, being able to connect with thousands of people, and even working with some amazing companies… BUT, it is so NICE TO BE AWAY right now.

We should all take a moment to smell the roses some days….


….and enjoy our friends and family without distraction.


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