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As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I immediately wanted the latest and greatest maternity gear – super cute matching outfits, exercise modifying gear, and everything in between. Im here to tell you, SAVE YOUR MONEY for what matters most! After shopping online, abandoning many baskets, and looking into a ton of different options; I finally decided – WHY THE HECK am I going to spend so much money on things I will only use for a short while??!


When you’re pregnant, it’s hard to find the right fitting gear that doesn’t ride up, fall down, and leave you looking like a hot mess – or an even hotter mess than usual – without spending a lot.

Here’s my list of pregnancy favorites and what I would recommend spending your hard earned cash on:

1. BeMaternity by Ingrid & Isabel Active Black Capri or Long Pant – I’ve worn my fair share of workout tights – from higher end, expensive brands to the cheap of the cheap. I gotta say, the expensive ones ALWAYS rip. I always have those random vagina threads or holes in the waist bands. The BEST tights I have ever worn are from Old Navy and (now) Target. These pants are magic – they stay in place, don’t give my growing belly a muffin top and have really lasted with every day wear. I live in these!

2. A REALLY Good Pair of Workout Shoes – Swollen feet, aching backs, and overall body pain are some of the usual downsides to pregnancy. I HIGHLY suggest getting fitted for a good pair of trainers if you haven’t already. My favorite pair are from Asics.

3. Tanks For the Gym & the Streets – Old Navy has the best tanks – they are comfy, stay in place, and can be dressed up or down. I take a lot of selfies in my grey Old Navy tank – it’s my favorite!! I would wear it every day if people wouldn’t start thinking I never bathed.

4. A HUGE Water Bottle – Staying hydrated is very important when you’re not pregnant; and even more so when you are. I always have a Blender Bottle with me and hit at least a gallon of water a day. Keeping a bottle near you (when you’re at home or on the road) is an easy way to stay on track throughout the day.

5. Post Workout NOMS – I seriously could not make it through this pregnancy without my weekly workout date with my pregnant BFF. We always go for a fab walk/hike and then smash a bagel sandwich from Tastee’s Donuts in La Verne. Pass me the turkey sandwich on a jalapeno cheese bagel with a side of crispy pickles and an ice cold diet coke. That, my friends, is excuse enough to get active!

6. Wireless Headphones – It’s hard enough modifying your workout to accommodate a growing belly – why add in the cable to your headphones too? I have tried a few pairs of wireless headphones and have found the LG Tone Ultra to be some of the best. I like them because they have a far range (meaning you can leave your phone and walk around the gym), the buds don’t fall out of my ears and the sound is great.

7. Shirts that Go Below the Belly – I really tried to stay in my shirts as long as possible…. and some women can do it their whole pregnancy. My belly is now to a size wear my non-maternity shirts and jackets hit just below my belly button. This leaves a very awkward strip of skin that hangs out and calls out to strangers to touch me. Do yourself a favor and buy these awesome shirts (short sleeve, long sleeve, and all the others) from Target. Liz Lange makes some of the BEST shirts for an amazing price! I like to watch the clearance racks and get them for an even better deal =)

8. A FAB Pair of Jeans – I have tried what seems like EVERY brand of maternity jean. Seriously, the woman at Destination Maternity remembers me as the girl who made her bring me every pair and then left without any. The ONLY brand that has fit me correctly has been H&M’s MAMA Skinny Jeans & MAMA Treggings. I had to buy them online, but it was a risk worth taking…. and one that paid off!

9. Protein Supplements – Protein doesn’t seem to sit well with any pregnant woman…. carbs on the other hand…. BRING IT ON! So, it’s really nice to have a high quality protein to supplement with. Some of my favorites are FlapJacked Mighty Muffins (which are packed with probiotics too!), Detour Simple Bars (just like candy), Dannon Light & Fit 80 calorie yogurt cups, and egg whites.

10. A Pregnant BFF or Online Support Group – I don’t know what I would do without my pregnant BFF. We talk almost every day, all day…. about baby stuff, shopping, our online mommy group (which is where we met), exercising, and (most importantly) FOOD. It’s amazing to have a support system outside of family (and my amazing followers!) who I can vent and share in the excitement with. Our online mommy group is also awesome when it comes to new products and getting advice from veteran moms! It’s fab when you meet someone online who quickly becomes a real life friend.

So there you have it! What are some of your favorite pregnancy must haves? Comment below! =)

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