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Ghee – This is a relatively new favorite product of mine. I know, I know, you might be saying “but it’s clarified butter, and butter is dairy!” …. Ghee is ultra-clarified butter. What does this mean? To make ghee, you melt and brown butter. Once melted, you skim off and keep the top layer of fat (the whey protein part of the butter) and leave the rest (the casein part & what most people react to). What you’re left with is a product that is lactose and casein free.


Eggs & Bacon – Pretty much the reason why most people turn to higher fat diets…. BRING ON THE BACON. Just make sure it’s a good quality bacon with no added sugars! Save the bacon fat too…. because everything is better when cooked in bacon fat! (Epic has some great animal fats you can purchase that make using fat to sauté your food in way easier.)

Fatty Cuts of Meat – Chicken thighs, brisket, salmon, higher fat ground meats, sausages, pork belly, rib eye etc. Think really good cuts of meat with lots of marbling and hearty fat layers still on them. If you have a bunch of lower fat meats like turkey or chicken, just add some fat when you cook them! Chicken is awesome cooked in coconut oil and you can always add sauces to your dish as well. (When I had a surplus of turkey bacon, I added Epic beef tallow to the pan and cooked it all together… so crispy and delicious!)

Coconut Oil & MCT Oil – Pretty much the core of every Bullet Proof Coffee, amiright?! I start every morning with at least a tablespoon of MCT oil and end each night with coconut oil. I find it helps to keep me satiated, clear of mind, and feeling great. Coconut oil is great in salad dressings, to sauté meat and to make fat bombs!

Vegetable Oils & Nut Oils – I’m not talking those random fast food joint type frying oils here. What I’m talking about is the really good olive oils, walnut oil, avocado oils, etc. Find some good quality oils and keep your pantry well stocked. These are staples in any diet!


Avocado – I actually hate avocado. BUT, it is a really good source of healthy fat! In fact, my one year old eats avocado almost daily. Just watch out, because they do have a relatively high carb count on them!

Raw Cacao Butter – These little discs of gold are perfect to add in your morning coffee OR to use in desserts, salad dressings, soups, etc. They give you extra fat without a whole lot of flavor. (They also make a great skin moisturizer!)


Butter – Here we go again, “but butter is dairy!” I know, I know…. technically it is. BUT, butter also has minimal casein and, unless you’re verrrrrry casein intolerant, you will probably be ok eating it.

Olives – I have always loved olives…. black, green, jalapeno in the middle…. all of them. And they are pretty low carb too!

Coconut Milk – Stick a can in the fridge and watch the top layer of your coconut milk harden up. That’s the good fatty stuff. It makes great dessert mousse and brightens up smoothies as well. Add it to your dinner curry or any other fatty sauces you like. The clear liquid that’s leftover in the can is coconut water, which is chop full of electrolytes! (Try to find brands of coconut milk in the box that don’t contain guar gum. A lot of times, companies will add extra sugar to their milk.)

Pumpkin & Watermelon Seeds – I was shocked when I found Go Raw Watermelon Seeds in my local Sprouts Farmer’s Market. Annnnnd, I was even more shocked when I looked at the nutrition label – awesome fat source, good portion size and super tasty! Pumpkin seeds are also super high in fat with low carb-age. They are all great as snacks, in salads or blended up in smoothies.


Nuts – Watch out for overconsumption! Most people tend to go ham on the nut butters and nuts (I did!) and it can be stalling your weight loss. Nuts are pretty carby and we often eat way too many in one sitting. Portion out a good amount and enjoy, but don’t overdo it.

Pork Rinds (Chicharrones) – Skip the dollar store bin and head straight to your nearest Mexican grocery store. They make some fresh (& ridiculously delicious) chicharrones! Now, are these bad boys super food? Not really. But, they are a pretty decent option. Paired with some sour cream, salsa or cream cheese, they make the perfect snack! I also love them as croutons for salad.

Bone broth (with fat still in it) & Bone Marrow – Chop full of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. Some people drink bone broth once a day to soak in all of the benefits! I can’t eat marrow straight up (it’s a texture thing), but, I do like to render the fat and use it for cooking or to add flavor to dishes.

Fatty Sauces/Dressings – Caesar & ranch dressing is keto gold to some folks. And I do like a good caesar salad! But don’t forget about oil based sauces like pesto and mayo!


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