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Mamma Chia – Cherry & Dark Chocolate with Chia
(190 Calories | 11g Fat | 21g Carbs | 3g Fiber | 12g Sugar | 3g Protein)

Chia isn’t really my thing. (I know, I know…. but it’s so healthy!) To be honest, the only real reason I grabbed this bar was because I got it for free after my Dodgers Foundation 5k this past Sunday. 🙂

I was very happily surprised!

Texture wise, the bar is great. It’s chewy from the cherries & other fruit, crispy from the brown rice crisps, and crunchy from the nuts and chia. I really enjoyed eating this – which shocked even myself. The dark chocolate on the bottom was a nice bonus, even though it melted all over by the time I ate it LOL.

The only downside to bars like these are they don’t have the protein content I usually look for. But, on the upside, they’re full of quality ingredients and really do help to satisfy a midday sweet craving for very few calories! Plus, if you can’t tolerate a whole lot of protein, this bar is perfect for you!

Overall, I give this bar a 7.5/10 – strictly because of the protein.

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