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Keto is amazing.

However, it’s become a fad… something for big name companies to sell you on. Thanks to social media, we are constantly fed what “supplements” we should be taking. This can include anything from artificial ketone drinks to low carb microwavable meals and bars.

The truth is, you don’t need any of this BS to become a successful keto-goer. 

Here are a couple of my favorite, non-gimmick, keto eating favorites:


MCT Oil – we’ve all heard about it…. it’s the magical component to bullet proof coffee that keeps us full, burns fat and helps regulate our metabolism. And yes, the hype is true. It’s short for moderate chain triglycerides – meaning in simple terms, it’s an awesome form of straight fat. Coconut oil contains some MCT’s, but it’s not as potent as this oil.

I love MCT in my coffee every morning and sometimes in my tea in the afternoon! If you are just starting out with this oil, start small. It’s a natural diuretic and might give your stomach the rolls at first.

Milk Frother

Milk Frother – for bullet proof coffee and/or tea of course! My sister bought me the brand that’s linked and it’s been awesome in the morning!

Here’s a tip for you (learned from hard experience) – only fill your mug half way with the mix-ins (hello MCT!) and coffee/tea. Blend and then add more coffee or tea to fill your mug. Don’t splash by automatically filling up all the way it like I’ve done…. many times LOL.


Kind Bars & Detour Bars – we all need quick on the go bars. I LOVE these bars because the carbs are relatively low and you just get good high quality ingredients!

These also make great pre/post workout snacks to fuel those muscles without downing a ton of carbs.

Did you know, once you’re fat adapted, you can actually train fasted?! YEP!


Dark Leafy Greens – Kale & cabbage are a staple in my diet. I love them both sautéed in bacon fat, NOM. It’s very important on a low carb diet to still get in as much nutrient dense food as possible. Kale is awesome and it even comes shredded in ready-to-use packs… which means, EASY PEASY!

I eat mine usually with eggs and bacon or on the side of some sort of protein.


Electrolytes – I can’t stress how important electrolytes are on a keto lifestyle. Carbs are what mainly hold on to the water in our muscles. Without them, our bodies need something more. Bring on the pink himalayan sea salt! If you’re experiencing the keto flu, make sure to get your electrolytes in!

Keto Lemonade is a great source of electrolytes – and I drink 40oz every day! I just put the juice of one lemon + a good pinch of pink himalyan sea salt + a couple drops of stevia and 40oz of water (in my awesome HydroFlask) and sip on it for a few hours.


Fatty Meats & Nuts – I mean, this IS the staple of every low carb high fat diet. Bacon, brisket, ribs, whole eggs…. the list goes on!

Most keto-goers eat a TON of bacon and eggs, but there are SO MANY more awesome meats to enjoy!

Nuts are also a great source of fat, but make sure to not over do it. I love pecans, macadamia nuts, brazil nuts and almonds. Nuts do contain carbs and some nuts can be pretty high. Just make sure to eat them responsibly 🙂


Magnesium – going number 2 can sometimes take a little effort (if you know what I mean) when you eat high fat. Magnesium not only helps you to stay regular, but it also naturally helps your muscles relax and aids in better sleep. Win win. 


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