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After passing sweet potato, I wanted to try to get some really good healthy fat into Rian. That is why I chose avocado! Since he is still too little to eat it mashed, I made some puree for him.

He loves avocado! This is definitely a dad trait because the only time I care for it is in sushi and at 3am on my carnitas fries LOL. 😉

Making avocado baby food couldn’t be easier… simply take the flesh and blend it up with water. I am pretty conservative on the water because you can always add more. As the puree sits, it tends to thicken. Before each feeding, I just add another tablespoon or so and mix to get the right consistency.

Storage tip: if you aren’t freezing this into cubes right away… store in an air tight container with the avocado pit. It helps to keep the puree from browning 🙂

image1 (2)

Happy eating! 🙂



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