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I make Rian’s food at home. Why? Because I have the time and it’s wayyyyyyy cheaper. Plus, it allows me to know exactly what is in each jar (which is so important with allergy babies).

Here are some of my FAVORITE baby food products that have made life so much easier.


Jervis & George Glass Jars – I use to use the plastic baby bowls but my son eats like a grown man and I needed something a little bigger. Plus, I’m relatively crunchy and wanted to make sure he wasn’t getting all of the chemical omissions when heating his food up.

Insert the Jervis & George jars. Not only are they pretty dang cute, but they are awesome for travel and are even dishwasher safe! I fill a few of these puppies up for each feeding and store leftover in them as well. When Rian is a little older, I will use them for snacks. His dehydrated apple chips fit perfectly in the smaller ones.


Goodie Pouches – I don’t know about your kids, but Rian is OBSESSED with pouches. I mean, he flips out at Buy Buy Baby and I literally have to avoid the food aisle, otherwise, I’ll have to bust open 3-4 pouches for him to feed his little adorable piggy heart.

And I can’t blame him, it’s way easier for me to give him a pouch then spoon feed him when we are out. But let’s face it, those pouches are expensive. I went on Amazon (like I do for everything), and found these awesome reusable pouches for like $13! They work great, are dishwasher safe and are free of any of those pesky chemicals like BPA, Phthalate, Lead and PVC. Also, they hold more food and you can even write on the front (date them before freezing!). Overall, a real winning product!


Disposable Bibs – My grandma bought these for me from the 99 Cent Store. At first I was like, “Oh no grams, I got bibs for days!”….. then I went to Disneyland and used one of these and my life was changed forever.

Why yes, I would like to just throw away Rian’s messy bib instead of figuring out how to put it back in his diaper bag without spreading the food love to all of his extra goodies. Know a friend who’s expecting? Include these in your gift!


Soap Silicone Molds – I use to use these awesome baby food freezer trays when Rian only ate a few ounces of food. They worked great and I still have them! But, as Rian grew and his appetite grew even bigger, I was tired of heating up a gazillion bricks of food at each meal.

I have a silicon tray for freezing my fat bombs, so I thought…. “hey, why not see is Amazon has bigger trays for Rian’s food???” And guess what, they did! Each portion is now around 2 ounces and I only have to heat up like 5 bricks at a time. Plus, it’s way easier to get those suckers out of the mold! Yay for making your own soap…. errrr, I mean baby food! 🙂


Handheld Immersion Blender – Typically, I use my Blenctec to make Rian’s food. But when the blender goes out, my trusty (kept in the cabinet for years) immersion blender saves the day. So, it doesn’t blend it up quite as well… and a few carrots always escape the blades, but it sure is nice to clean and store!


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