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How did you get started & how long did it take you to lose the weight?

I had no idea what I was doing when I first started! I knew I needed to get moving and watch my diet so I began by walking. I did a lot of cardio and tried to eat healthy. At the time, my “healthy” food consisted of low calorie processed foods. After losing 20lbs, I hit a plateau. I then began counting calories and logging my food, switched to non processed healthy foods, and also began circuit training. I worked out about 5-6 times a week for one hour at a time and stuck to a lower calorie diet. This is how I lost about 80lbs. After I lost the poundage, I needed to finally change my body composition from being thin to be being strong. I began weight lifting and completing high intensity interval sessions (HIIT cardio) while staying with a whole food diet.


Did you utilize any diets, shakes or pills to lose the weight?

Nope – I stuck to a low calorie diet that consisted of nutrient dense foods and worked out 5-6 times a week for one hour at a time. My daily caloric intake was based off of my body and exercise routine. I never cut calories in an extreme fashion or used any “extra helpers”. Hard work and determination was all it took for me!


What is the best way to work out?

Working out depends on your goals and your current fitness level. I would love to chat more with you on a personal level so please, feel free to email me! đŸ™‚

For weight loss, I typically recommend a combination of cardio and circuit based strength training. I find this to yield the best results while building muscle and keeping the fat burning.

For muscle gain, heavy weight work and HIIT work great!


How did you figure out what to eat when you were losing weight and after?

It was really a trial and error, learn as you go sort of deal for me. I started out eating healthier junk food to help me stay sane while I was transitioning towards a healthier diet. So, I ate baked chips, low calorie cereals and bars, etc. I then learned that in order to feel satisfied and full, I needed more bang for my buck! I then began researching nutrient dense foods and changing my pallet.

It took me a long time to switch to eating healthy foods and loving them more than the junk. It’s a slow process but eventually you will find what you love and how to make those high calorie foods better for you.


How do/did you stay motivated?

I set smaller goals for myself. When I was losing, I set weekly and daily goals. I would tell myself, “if you can eat well and get your workout in for today, you are one day closer to your goal”. It helped me to focus on one day at a time. I also rewarded myself for hitting certain milestones. For example, when I hit 50lbs, I bought myself a $50 tattoo. I always keep my rewards tangible – meaning they are always something I can keep (not food). Some of my other rewards included new workout gear, mani/pedi’s, movie dates and new clothes.

Something else that really helped me to stay motivated and on track was picking different events to do that made me step outside of my comfort zone. I started with 5k’s and then moved on to half marathons and a figure competition. Announcing these goals to the world helped to keep me accountable! Once you announce something, you practically HAVE to do it! đŸ˜‰


What fitness apps would you recommend using?

Food Logs and Calorie/Macro Counting: When I was losing weight, I used LoseIt! I have also used MyFitnessPal to log food (calories/macros).

Running/Hiking GPS: MapMyRun

Inspiration & Motivation: Instagram, Facebook, LoseIt!

Food Ideas: Pinterest and different blogs