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Sensory Bags are a great way to build a child’s imagination, sense of touch and creativity! The bonus? They are extremely cheap and easy to make!

Head on over to your local dollar store for all of the supplies needed. It’s time to get creative yourself and really find some good stuff!

All I did was add everything into the bag and let Rian go to town. Here are the bags I made below:


Parts: 1 ziploc bag, 1 pack of mini dinosaurs, 2 small packs of glitter, 1 bottle of hair gel.

In hind sight, the purple and black glitter are a tad too dark for Rian to see the dinos. Also, the purple has begun to tint the hair gel in the bag over the past few weeks. The thin dinos are also easy to miss and I think they could be bigger and easier to grab for a 6 month old. I will definitely try to find bigger ones for future bags!


Parts: 1 ziploc bag, 1 bag of halloween eyes, 1 small pack of orange glitter, 1 bottle of hair gel.

The Dollar Tree had just put out Halloween (mid August I might add) and I figured, why not start the party early?! The big eyes are fun for Rian to grab and squish around. I would recommend grabbing another bottle of hair gel if you use bigger items in your bags. Bigger items require more squish I’ve learned 🙂


Parts: 1 ziploc bag, 1 set of finger paints (or any tubes of paint), 1 piece of cardstock.

I feel like this is maybe a more mature sensory play. My 6 month old didn’t quite know what to do with the paints so he definitely wasn’t entertained for too long.

Thicker cardstock works better than computer paper, which just gets soaked immediately. You could also cut up some of those old amazon boxes (because who doesn’t have a gazillion of those?!) and put them in your bags!


Rian enjoys the eyeballs the best!


Yay for learning at a young age! Ah to be a child again…. 🙂


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