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Have you ever tried looking for a specific protein powder – something that fits in line with your ideology (paleo, vegan, etc.) and also is able to provide you with the correct and quality nutrients you want & need? I am ALWAYS on the look out for a quality powder to supplement my diet. 

True Nutrition is a company who allows you to do just that. Do you like a heavier mix of casein to whey powder? Got it. How about a vegan or paleo blend? Got it. You can even adjust & mix different powders together?! YEP.

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On True Nutrition’s website, you can start with a base formula that is pretty standard (under the tab protein formulas) OR you can start from scratch and create your own blend! I tried both ways. I used the standard formulas for women’s overnight and meal replacement and then tweaked them to fit my needs. I love a good mix of casein to whey ratio. For my needs, I like my protein to be a little thicker and last longer in my system (which is why I love a higher casein to whey ratio). I also decided to try out their paleo formula.

What all do you get to customize aside from the type of protein source you use? The flavor, sweetener, flavor intensity, and you can even add a boost. The different boosts include an electrolyte boost, protein-enzyme boost, multi-vitamin boost, and a carb enzyme boost. I decided to go with a few different flavors and added an electrolyte boost to a couple of my blends.

To save some dough, you can also have your protein packaged in a bag instead of the tub (which is what I did). And get this, all of my scoops were on top when I received my order!

True Nutrition Protein

Here were my custom protein blends:


I love being able to try different whey/casein ratios and figure out my perfect mix! And, at only around 115 calories a scoop (consisting of mostly protein), I can feel confident that I am getting just what I need. The best part? It is reasonably priced!

I was able to get 4 different pounds of protein for around $60 – which is a steal! I’d highly recommend trying out your own custom blend from True Nutrition.


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