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The Contours Love3-in-1 Baby Carrier has gained a new devoted follower with this carrier. I had previously tried a few others I really, really liked; but honestly, nothing compares to this one!!

The material is SO SOFT. The entire carrier is soft, breathable, and molds perfectly to Rian and I. I couldn’t believe how comfortable, light weight and cool this carrier is! On the inside of the carrier, there is a super soft and comfy jersey material that gives me awesome feelings of having a non-chaffed son after a long hot day in southern California.

What else rocks about this thing?? NO AWKWARD BACK STRAP. Which means I don’t have to t-rex myself from behind to try to buckle a strap while Rian wiggles in front. All buckles are easily accessible from the front. You also don’t need an infant insert. SAY WHAT? Yep. No insert! Hello less to store and one less piece of the puzzle to mess around with. Contours Love Carrier fits newborns to toddlers, topping out at 30lbs.

Some other cool features…. huge pocket in the front for all of your “mom things” (plus an separate extra pocket too), super comfy padded shoulder straps, and it’s machine washable.

I love the front facing aspect of this carrier. It’s flexible enough to give my son wiggle room, but not so much that he feels unstable. With other front facing carriers, I felt like my son was being smothered. I don’t get that feeling at all with this. This carrier has even been deemed a “hip-healthy” product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. WINNING.

I can’t rave enough about this carrier. Seriously. It is one you should DEFINITELY try out for yourself! And it’s a bargain at $99. Just Sayin… Contours Love is NUMBER 1!


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