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Austlen Entourage Stroller Review

YOU GUYS. If there ever was a Lamborghini of strollers, the Austlen Entourage would be it!

My jaw literally dropped with how easy this thing was to put together and then…. wait for it, HOW IT EXPANDS from a single stroller to either a double stroller or a stroller with an extra $150 a month storage unit on the back!

Seriously. I’m still in awe of this beautiful, leather trimmed creation. No words… but I’ll try.

So, like I said, it was an easy installation with a few wheels and 2 fenders to click in. That was about it. The stroller itself expands or folds with the slide of a few levers. It’s a seamless process that anyone (even older kids) can accomplish. The lever to expand this stroller into a double is on the back of the front seat. With a push of a button, you instantly have a double stroller. It’s quite magical. I think my jaw hit the floor (literally!) the first time I expanded it.

After you get past the awesome expansion, you move on to the beautiful (and removable!) fabric. Everything can be washed (YES!). The fabric is very luxurious feeling while also being durable. I feel super stylish with the beautiful leather trim and Rian just smiles when he rides in this… I swear, he must know style at 1.5 years old.

He loves the foot rest too. You can either keep it up, or push it down. Rian prefers to keep his feet up… typical (lol). And the seat is adjustable as well. You can choose from 5 different seat positions, going from upright to almost flat. (I’m sure this will come in handy if my son ever decides that a stroller nap is in his future.)


Here’s a fun fact: The Entourage holds up to 150lbs (GASP). So I can load this baby up with kids, sports equipment, beach gear, my two dogs, a husband and the neighbors kids. Or, I could take my extra large cargo bag and do a little shopping damage. It’s like having a Kohls cart built right into the back. I also love that you can zip up the bag to have it a bit smaller. This would be good for my Trader Joe’s runs.. (maybe it would make me stick to my list?)

My husband appreciates the adjustable handle bar. I can lower it for my medium stature and he can lift it to accomodate himself. Attached to the handle (but also removable), is a tote bag. This bag is AWESOME. It’s like having a diaper bag ready to go at all times! There are a million compartments, perfect for car keys, bottles, toys, etc.

This stroller has it all; from wheels that glide like butta to fabric as luxurious as it looks. What’s so great about this stroller though is that it’s just as functional as it is beautiful and stylish! I look forward to stacking luggage in it at the airport, loading up on future soccer balls and hockey sticks, and even attaching one of the many accessories they have available for two kids.

The Austlen Entourage is going to stay with my family for years to come! (I mean, look how happy my dad (AKA Pop) is walking with Rian! 🙂 … even if it was a tad bright outside LOL )

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Yoga With Kids – Tips

Yoga. It’s good for peace of mind, clarity and learning how to breath correctly when your toddler is having a mental breakdown over dropping his last cheerio in HomeGoods. (They never seem to understand why they can’t put it back in their mouth after it’s been on the dirty ground.)

I have come to find that my practice with yoga has become imperative to my fitness routine and my overall mental health. It’s SO IMPORTANT to take at least a little time for yourself each day.

Yoga studios are awesome (and trust me, I LOVE my studio and getting away even for an hour)… but some days, you just can’t get away. Enter stage right, YOGA WITH KIDS. (or kid in my case).

Here’s a couple tips to getting your practice in without knocking your child in the head with your heel, strap, block or anything else:

1. Distract, distract, distract. 

While Mickey mouse might be your arch nemesis at this particular time, he’s great for keeping your kid in the hotdog mood. His squeaky little voice can be drawn out by your controlled breathing or melodic chants.

2. Give snacks.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…. I know. Don’t bribe or distract your kids with food. But hey, maybe you can get a flow in during lunch time? Afternoon snack time?

3. Flow outside.

It’s good to breath in the sunshine and air. I find that my son can easily distract himself when he’s outside. I can get some good breathing or stretching in while he plays. Sure, I have to stop and keep an eye on him, but, anything is better than nothing!

4. Make it work!

My kid is a busy one. He never sits still… (except for one time with Moana… for about 5 minutes). So when he wants to join (or really just kick me off his toys) I let him. He even gets me up from child’s pose with a helpful hairpull from time to time. He’s so great that way!

5. Ask them to join.

I can’t wait until my son is old enough to join me in my practice! He already helps with downward dog and I ALMOST have him convinced to stay on my back during crow. I mean, I should probably start looking for our matching harlem pants now…


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Contours Love3-in-1 Baby Carrier Review

The Contours Love3-in-1 Baby Carrier has gained a new devoted follower with this carrier. I had previously tried a few others I really, really liked; but honestly, nothing compares to this one!!

The material is SO SOFT. The entire carrier is soft, breathable, and molds perfectly to Rian and I. I couldn’t believe how comfortable, light weight and cool this carrier is! On the inside of the carrier, there is a super soft and comfy jersey material that gives me awesome feelings of having a non-chaffed son after a long hot day in southern California.

What else rocks about this thing?? NO AWKWARD BACK STRAP. Which means I don’t have to t-rex myself from behind to try to buckle a strap while Rian wiggles in front. All buckles are easily accessible from the front. You also don’t need an infant insert. SAY WHAT? Yep. No insert! Hello less to store and one less piece of the puzzle to mess around with. Contours Love Carrier fits newborns to toddlers, topping out at 30lbs.

Some other cool features…. huge pocket in the front for all of your “mom things” (plus an separate extra pocket too), super comfy padded shoulder straps, and it’s machine washable.

I love the front facing aspect of this carrier. It’s flexible enough to give my son wiggle room, but not so much that he feels unstable. With other front facing carriers, I felt like my son was being smothered. I don’t get that feeling at all with this. This carrier has even been deemed a “hip-healthy” product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. WINNING.

I can’t rave enough about this carrier. Seriously. It is one you should DEFINITELY try out for yourself! And it’s a bargain at $99. Just Sayin… Contours Love is NUMBER 1!


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Kettlebells For Beginners

I’m newer to kettlebells than Lindsay Lohan is to underwear.

So, when I decided I wanted some awesome KB’s and guidance on how to start, I went straight to The Kettlebell Kings. I had seen them all over Instagram and could tell from photos that these KB’s were solid. (I didn’t want to invest in low quality KB’s just to have them die out early.)

The KB’s from Kettlebell Kings were just what I was looking for. There’s no random coating on the outside to scratch off, they look badass, and they feel great when using them.

Kettlebell Kings KB's

The even cooler upside to these nifty bells? They come with a 3 move beginner program, complete with awesome tips and video demonstrations from a real KB badass.  

I started with the first move, kettlebell deadlifts. I’m a huge fan of deadlifting and different variations, so this was right up my alley. I caught on quickly after reading the first blog post and watching the video.

Take home points from move one: keep your back straight, don’t lift too heavy and BREATHE.

You can watch my video here. 

The second move, the kettlebell swing, was way harder for me. Having only done swings with dumbbells before, it was a whole new world for me. Cue Aladdin & Jasmine. 

Take home points from move one: back straight, deadlift position on the bottom of the move, breathe and (the most challenging part for me) let the KB weight come into your hips before you start to hinge at the hips.

I needed a TON of practice on weight placement during this move. Since I had never really been shown proper form before, I just thought you swung with the weight. I was totally wrong.

It’s really important to hinge when the weight comes into your hips because if you start to bend too early, you place a ton of emphasis on the lower back. You want to avoid doing that. Retraining my muscle memory has been tough.

After numerous videos and corrections, I am better, but still need work.

You can watch my video here.

The third and final beginner move is the kettlebell squat press. I watched the videos, got all of my points mentally checked off and headed straight for the bell.

Instantly, I knew I was doing it wrong. Why? Because my forearm hurt like hell from racking the KB. Such a novice.

So on to YouTube I went. There had to be a way to rack the KB without hurting and bruising yourself. Then I found this video on keeping your hand open and using it as more of a hook to rack your weight. Game changer. 

My form got so much better and I wasn’t hurting myself any longer. AWESOME.

Take home points from move one: rack your kettlebell correctly, keep core activated and keep your elbow high to help maintain good form during your squat.

I loved this move! It was so much fun once I was able to do it correctly. Watch my video here.

Overall, I was super happy with my education and progress while completing the Kettlebell Kings beginner program!

Interested in grabbing some kettlebells for yourself? Check out The Kettlebell Kings!!



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Non-Dairy Fat Sources


Ghee – This is a relatively new favorite product of mine. I know, I know, you might be saying “but it’s clarified butter, and butter is dairy!” …. Ghee is ultra-clarified butter. What does this mean? To make ghee, you melt and brown butter. Once melted, you skim off and keep the top layer of fat (the whey protein part of the butter) and leave the rest (the casein part & what most people react to). What you’re left with is a product that is lactose and casein free.


Eggs & Bacon – Pretty much the reason why most people turn to higher fat diets…. BRING ON THE BACON. Just make sure it’s a good quality bacon with no added sugars! Save the bacon fat too…. because everything is better when cooked in bacon fat! (Epic has some great animal fats you can purchase that make using fat to sauté your food in way easier.)

Fatty Cuts of Meat – Chicken thighs, brisket, salmon, higher fat ground meats, sausages, pork belly, rib eye etc. Think really good cuts of meat with lots of marbling and hearty fat layers still on them. If you have a bunch of lower fat meats like turkey or chicken, just add some fat when you cook them! Chicken is awesome cooked in coconut oil and you can always add sauces to your dish as well. (When I had a surplus of turkey bacon, I added Epic beef tallow to the pan and cooked it all together… so crispy and delicious!)

Coconut Oil & MCT Oil – Pretty much the core of every Bullet Proof Coffee, amiright?! I start every morning with at least a tablespoon of MCT oil and end each night with coconut oil. I find it helps to keep me satiated, clear of mind, and feeling great. Coconut oil is great in salad dressings, to sauté meat and to make fat bombs!

Vegetable Oils & Nut Oils – I’m not talking those random fast food joint type frying oils here. What I’m talking about is the really good olive oils, walnut oil, avocado oils, etc. Find some good quality oils and keep your pantry well stocked. These are staples in any diet!


Avocado – I actually hate avocado. BUT, it is a really good source of healthy fat! In fact, my one year old eats avocado almost daily. Just watch out, because they do have a relatively high carb count on them!

Raw Cacao Butter – These little discs of gold are perfect to add in your morning coffee OR to use in desserts, salad dressings, soups, etc. They give you extra fat without a whole lot of flavor. (They also make a great skin moisturizer!)


Butter – Here we go again, “but butter is dairy!” I know, I know…. technically it is. BUT, butter also has minimal casein and, unless you’re verrrrrry casein intolerant, you will probably be ok eating it.

Olives – I have always loved olives…. black, green, jalapeno in the middle…. all of them. And they are pretty low carb too!

Coconut Milk – Stick a can in the fridge and watch the top layer of your coconut milk harden up. That’s the good fatty stuff. It makes great dessert mousse and brightens up smoothies as well. Add it to your dinner curry or any other fatty sauces you like. The clear liquid that’s leftover in the can is coconut water, which is chop full of electrolytes! (Try to find brands of coconut milk in the box that don’t contain guar gum. A lot of times, companies will add extra sugar to their milk.)

Pumpkin & Watermelon Seeds – I was shocked when I found Go Raw Watermelon Seeds in my local Sprouts Farmer’s Market. Annnnnd, I was even more shocked when I looked at the nutrition label – awesome fat source, good portion size and super tasty! Pumpkin seeds are also super high in fat with low carb-age. They are all great as snacks, in salads or blended up in smoothies.


Nuts – Watch out for overconsumption! Most people tend to go ham on the nut butters and nuts (I did!) and it can be stalling your weight loss. Nuts are pretty carby and we often eat way too many in one sitting. Portion out a good amount and enjoy, but don’t overdo it.

Pork Rinds (Chicharrones) – Skip the dollar store bin and head straight to your nearest Mexican grocery store. They make some fresh (& ridiculously delicious) chicharrones! Now, are these bad boys super food? Not really. But, they are a pretty decent option. Paired with some sour cream, salsa or cream cheese, they make the perfect snack! I also love them as croutons for salad.

Bone broth (with fat still in it) & Bone Marrow – Chop full of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. Some people drink bone broth once a day to soak in all of the benefits! I can’t eat marrow straight up (it’s a texture thing), but, I do like to render the fat and use it for cooking or to add flavor to dishes.

Fatty Sauces/Dressings – Caesar & ranch dressing is keto gold to some folks. And I do like a good caesar salad! But don’t forget about oil based sauces like pesto and mayo!


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