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SomaSole – 30 Days of Moves + Giveaway!

If you aren’t excited after watching that FAB intro, something must be wrong with you! It’s ONE piece of equipment with a MILLION possibilities! 😀  Still not excited?! Then check out all of these cool moves: CLICK HERE.

FullSizeRender (12)

Ok, so now that you’re all jazzed up (as you SHOULD BE)…. let me tell you why I really love this thing:

  1. You can take it ANYWHERE
  2. It’s very user friendly (even the non-fitness person could figure it out)
  3. SomaSole is self contained (you don’t need any add-ons to make it work)
  4. Resistance levels can be changed very easily
  5. There is a ton of different variations to hit all muscle groups
  6. Essentially any exercise can be done with more intensity thanks to the links
  7. Little to no space is required (perfect for an apartment or hotel room!)
  8. It’s super affordable!
  9. You can get 10% OFF your order with code “Kelly10” – can’t beat a discount right?!

I love to workout at the gym, but sometimes it is nice to get out and breath the fresh air! And other days, having a baby makes it hard to leave.

Having my SomaSole increases my chances for a nap time workout while also letting me take it to the gym!

So, now that you know why I really love this piece of equipment, how about a full body workout designed using your own SomaSole??? Keep reading…..

FullSizeRender (13)


(Be sure to check my YouTube channel for demos of the moves you are unsure of!)

Warm-up: 20 seconds of each move x 3 rounds

  • Jump Rope
  • Ski Jumps
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Squat Jacks

Circuit I – Perform 3 sets before moving on to the next circuit

  • Bicep Curls – 10 reps
  • Arm Circles – 10 reps in each direction
  • Arm Pulses – 15 reps
  • Squat Front Raise to Punch – 8 reps

Circuit II – Perform 4 sets before moving on to the next circuit

  • Mountain Climbers – 10 reps (one jump on each leg = 1 rep)
  • Push Ups – 7 reps
  • Plank Forward Raises – 10 reps (one raise on each arm = 1 rep)

Circuit III – Perform 3 sets before moving on to the next circuit

  • Back Squat – 12 reps
  • Alternating Lunges – 20 reps (10 reps on each leg)
  • Frog Jumps – 10 reps


  • Burpees – 15 reps


(PS – Don’t forget to grab yourself a SomaSole of your own using code “Kelly10” for 10% off!)



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Body Weight Leg Day! No Equipment Required!


It’s pretty outside and I am trying to get back to my routes…. meaning body weight circuits!

This is perfect timing for the Fitbit Blogger Challenge hosted by Shape Magazine and Men’s Fitness Magazine. This week we had to break up the monotony of our workouts and still strive towards reaching our 10k daily steps! This workout DEFINITELY helped in that department!

Don’t forget to check out to enter their weekly sweepstakes for a chance to win your own Fitbit Charge!

Body Weight Leg Day went as follows:

One circuit, completed 6 times through (or as many times as you want!):
  • Run around the block OR for .5 mile on the treadmill (I ran around my block which was about .66 miles total)
  • 10 burpees
  • 10 sumo squats with a 10 second ISO hold on the 10th rep
  • 20 walking lunges (I did them to the side of the white dip there on the street)
  • 30 side walking squats (feet shoulder width apart – also done with the white dip in front of me for alignment)
This was about an hour workout for me! The run was hard as it is half uphill…. and quite windy. Nothing like a little wind resistance to amp up the workout right?! =)
Try this one out and comment below how you like it!!!
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Cardio Workout For The NON Cardio Person!

Cardio isn’t my go to for my favorite exercise… and it isn’t for MOST people. So here we have a cardio workout for the non-cardio person! This workout breaks down a tedious 30 minute session into quick 5 minute blocks!

For Reference……

*** Treadmill or Elliptical (TorE) : Jog or Stride at a moderate pace for 5 minutes (pace should induce heavy breathing but not be an all out sprint) – I did the elliptical today.

Tank – FlexItPink

Circuit I – complete 4 rounds

-Walking lunges with a switch hop (video) – 10 one way, 10 back

Circuit II – complete 4 rounds
-30 body weight squats
-20 toe touch crunches
-1:30 minute forearm plank
Circuit III – complete 4 rounds
-Dumbbell chest press – 12 reps
-10 side plank reach throughs – each side
-30 second isometric hold of DB’s at halfway point
-Dumbbell chest press – 7 reps – straight from the ISO hold, no break

BOOM – 40 minutes of cardio in the books!


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Fat Loss before Lean Mass Gain

I bet you want to lose fat and gain muscle all at once, right? I actually think everyone has this same goal! Unfortunately, I am here to break the bad news to you… it is nearly impossible to lose weight AND gain a significant amount of muscle.
Now I know, “hold up wait a minute…. I can lose fat and gain muscle!” And yes, you are correct… to a certain extent. What I am describing here is someone who has more than 5-10 pounds of vanity weight who wants to really tone up while still losing.
In a way, I blame social media and what we see in the movies and on TV. Everyone wants to go from 50+lbs overweight to a fit and toned individual. Celebrities make it look like one day they were fat and the next they had guns that could take down the next paparazzi. Even Beach Body sells you programs stating you can go from overweight to fitter than an Olympian. I got sold into the Insanity madness too, thinking I would be one hell of athlete by the end of it – but all I got was a bum knee and some inches lost… in fact, my weight stayed almost exactly the same. I know programs like these do work for some people, mostly people already in decent shape to begin with, but these companies target the individuals who want incredible instant results.

The truth is, you have to take your journey one step at a time. First, focus on weight loss. Get your eating under control and become consistent with your exercise. You will gain some muscle during this phase, but really just focus on losing the extra pounds. This journey is a process, don’t make it overly complicated. Once you lose the weight by eating healthy (maybe counting calories? It helps!), doing cardio and incorporating body weight exercises into the mix, THEN switch your focus to building muscle.

(((Let me be clear here – I am NOT saying to ditch the weights and only do cardio! You need a good mix of cardio, body weight and resistant training.)))

I see a ton of women in the gym with weight to lose slaving over weight machines. While I do recommend working in body weight exercises and maybe some 5-10lb weights to increase resistance, I don’t feel like an hour on the weight machines is time well spent. To burn calories you need to keep your heart rate up. Body weight exercises allow you to do just this! Some typical exercises include squats, lunges, pushups, box steps/jumps, jump rope, etc. And truth be told, when you are overweight, your own body weight is usually enough!
Once you reach your goal weight (or pretty close to it) THEN this is the time to change your body composition! You do this by swapping cardio with heavy weights. Lifting heavy decreases body fat while building muscle. During this phase you want to increase your calories in order to build muscle. Notice how in the weight loss phase, you needed a calorie deficit (or lower calorie allotment) in order lose. Here you need a surplus (or at least slightly over maintenance calories) to really build. This is one of the main reasons why losing a lot of weight and building a ton muscle does not go hand in hand. You can’t eat in a deficit and expect your body to grow. It just doesn’t work like that.
So, if you are at your goal weight and want to increase lean muscle mass – lift heavy my friends. Lift with your heart and may the meathead guide your way. Until then, stay in cardio bunny heaven for a bit and keep losing those pounds.

And remember, in both weight loss and muscle gain phases, diet is key. Without proper nutrition both phases aren’t worth the time it takes to eat a cheeseburger. So keep your diet mostly healthy and you’ll be a winner.

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Current Workout Schedule =)

I have updated my workout schedule for you all to see! I am in the process of really trying to build up a better V taper for my back (which is why I do 2-3 days of back) =) I am also hitting legs pretty good too!!

Monday :::: Quads & Back + HIIT

  • Quads – Leg Press, Wide leg squats with heel on weights, regular squats, leg extensions
  • Back – Pull downs, assisted pull ups and rows
  • HIIT – Bike at 8 resistance… 5 minute warm up -> 0:20 seconds peddle as fast as you can then 1:40 peddle at constant speed (active rest) – do this for 7 rounds
Tuesday :::: Hammies, Glutes & Abs
  • Hammies – Hamstring Extensions, smith machine sumo squats, leg press, lunges
  • Glutes – Reverse hip abductors, cable kick backs, weighted bridges
  • Abs – planks and leg raises
Wednesday :::: Triceps, Back & Abs + HIIT
  • Triceps – Skull crushers, straight arm rope pull downs, seated overhead extensions, dips
  • Back – Lat pull downs, heavy dumbbell rows, wide grip pull ups
  • Abs – Captains chair, in & outs, side jack knives
  • Sprints on the treadmill – 5 minute warm up -> 0:20 seconds at 11 then 1:40 at 6 x 7 rounds
Thursday :::: REST DAY
Friday :::: Biceps, Shoulders & Chest
  • Biceps – Preacher curls, EZ bar curls, reverse curls, smith machine curls
  • Shoulders – Medial delt raises, post delt cable reverse, shoulder press, arnold press
  • Chest – pec deck, dumbbell flies
Saturday :::: Personal Training (with mom and sister) – lots of full body exercises!
Sunday :::: REST DAY or more back (rows, military presses, etc.)
A lot of my exercises are done with slower contractions (positives) and negatives. I do this because it allows me to have FULL control of whatever I am using (cables, dumbbells, barbell, etc.) while connecting my mind to my body. I mentally squeeze the muscle I am working and have seen better results with this method. Some exercises I still do with constant speed though, it just depends =)
Hope this helps to give you an idea of what I do each week!
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New Workout Schedule!

I have gotten asked quite a bit lately about my weekly workout schedule. Since I just changed it up, I decided I would post it for you all =) I tend to use 20-35 lb dumbbells and my cable weight can be anywhere from 50-100 lbs depending on the exercise. Of course, take it at your own pace and NEVER lift more than what you can really lift… ain’t nobody got time for reckless injuries. It is one thing to lift heavy… and a WHOLE other thing to lift stupid! 😉

Monday: ***Arms*** (maybe some abs if I feel like it…). Typical exercises include: hammer curls, preacher curls, triceps dips, overhead triceps extension, cable rows, skull crushers, triangle and regular push-ups, and planks.

Tuesday: ***Back*** Typical exercises include: lat pull downs with a variety of grips, straight arm cable pull down, rows (cables, plank rows, weighted rows etc), pull ups (to the best of my ability HAHA!), bent over row, military press, good mornings, and single arm lat pull downs. (I also work back another day because I need to build up my lat spread in order to compete).

Wednesday: ***Chest*** (the worst day ever lol…) Typical exercises include: Chest press, incline bench press, dumbbell flies, pec deck, chest pull over, and cable press.

Thursday: ***Rest Day*** ok sometimes I don’t actually rest…. I do body weight training or work on different areas of my choosing… =)

Friday: ***Legs*** My favorite!!!! Typical exercises include: squats of all kinds (front, back, hack, sissy, whatever I feel like), leg press, hamstring curl, reverse hip abductor (machine), glute bridges and lunges.

Saturday: ***Personal Training*** and usually I work shoulders…. I can’t help myself… aside from legs they are my favorite along with back =D

Sunday: ***Freebie*** I work whatever I want or feel I need to improve on! Sometimes I rest….

I tend to also work legs into different exercises as well… like squatting when I curl and things like that!

When I work Back and Legs (Tuesday and Friday) I eat higher carb. I do this because working larger parts of the body allows for the extra carbs to be utilized better to recover and feed the growing muscles. After all… my main goal at the moment is to beast it up so I can lean down for my show in August and look like my dream body/inspiration =)

Exercising needs to be done in such a way that you work towards your goals. The same goes for eating and your diet overall. Eat and exercise to reach your goals, not because someone else is doing it or tells you it is the only way! Everyone is different so you just have to have patience and find what works best for you!

Happy exercising!!!!

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