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TruSelf Organics Detoxifying Face Mask

I received this organic Detoxifying Face from TruSelf Organics and was pretty

mask2excited to give it a try! I have been REALLY into skincare lately and masks especially. They are a new kind of awesome I am discovering =)

This mask is kind of cool in the fact that you actually mix your mask whenever you need it. By adding water (or vinegar for a stronger potency) to the powder, you get this awesome detoxifying mask that works wonders on black heads and overall oil.

It is a pretty intense mask though, so you have to work your way up to leaving it on longer (starting with 10 minutes and working your way up to 30 minutes). I was gung ho on the first round and just left it on for the full 30…. my face was incredibly dry and irritated! So learn from my mistakes 😉 As soon as I feel the tightness on my skin, I wash it off with warm water.

What do I like about this mask the most? It is organic (made with natural clays), no Parabens, no maskPetroleum, no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, no Phthalates, and no Artificial Dyes or Synthetic Fragrances. So it is void of all the unnatural stuff that other brands use to add color, scent, etc.

All in all, I would recommend this mask to someone who wants to detoxify their skin, clear blemishes, and restore a fresher appearance.

Once I learned to use it the right way, my skin felt great (LOL) —- note to all users, read the directions a bit more carefully =)

Happy maskin!

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Product Review: EvoMuse Eviscerate Smolder

In the last few weeks of competition prep, my coach has recommended that I use a skin tightening lotion called EvoMuse Eviscerate Smolder. I have always been rather hesitant about any “magic” products that tighten skin or speed up results. For me, hard work in the gym and in the kitchen have always been number one. So, when my coach told me to purchase this product, I was skeptical. Basically, what this lotion does is act as a topical fat burner to help with those pesky problem areas.

Here are my results in one week from using the product 1-2 times a day (after my shower always and sometimes again at night if I remembered lol):


1. Obviously, it is working to some extent.
2. It is easy to use.
3. It was delivered fast.
4. No weird smells or staining.
5. Works for abs, thighs, arms etc.
6. I am more confident than ever!

1. It is a little pricey if you’re on a budget.
2. You have to wash your hands immediately after.
3. There is a slight warming sensation right after use, but nothing crazy. When I do cardio the next day or sit in the sauna, it sometimes burns a bit – but not really bad at all.

Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a way to tighten up their skin if they are already exercising and eating healthy. I would definitely not call this a miracle lotion if you are still overweight, but it does help if you want to tighten up soon problem areas.

Check out this product on amazon!

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