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I always knew I wanted to be a baby wearing mama! I love the idea of keeping my baby close while also being able to accomplish everything that I need to throughout the day.

I have quite a few devices to accomplish this feat, but my current favorite is my Solly Baby wrap. Why do I love this wrap? Let me explain….


When I was looking for a wrap, I wanted something that would be cool enough to wear in the summer, long enough to use for awhile and stylish so I didn’t look like bag.

When I asked on my social media sites for a great wrap, you guys delivered! Solly Baby won the vote by a landslide, and I can definitely see why! I got the new spring color Baltic wrap, the Natural & Grey Stripe wrap and a swaddle set in Baltic and Heather Grey.

FullSizeRender (7)

Rian absolutely LOVES to be worn and swaddled. He feeds and sleeps much better when he is wrapped and it sure is easy enough to keep him happy!

I love the fabric that these items come in; they are so soft and lush. They are easy to wash and care for as well.

With the wrap, I simply watched the newborn tutorial video on the Solly Baby website and was able to wrap him pretty easily. The more I experiment with tension, the better I get at securing him in.

This morning I was able to cook and eat breakfast all while wearing Rian. As you can see in the picture to the left, he was VERY content and sleepy the entire time!

Rian is also super gassy. I have tried a number of things that seem to help him: altering my diet, pumping his legs to break up gas bubbles, feeding him with his head higher than his stomach, etc. I can’t ever get him to burp after feeding, but when I put him in his wrap, he lets a huge one rip immediately every time – it’s like magic! So, if you have a gassy baby as well, I would recommend trying out a wrap. This puts your baby in a natural position that helps to push against their belly and release the air. A win win!


This picture is just to show off my cute baby in his lush swaddle. As you can see, he is dreaming sweet milk dreams!

If you want to find Solly Baby, check out their website here. Thanks so much to everyone who recommended this company, I owe you a beer! 🙂


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