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YOU GUYS. If there ever was a Lamborghini of strollers, the Austlen Entourage would be it!

My jaw literally dropped with how easy this thing was to put together and then…. wait for it, HOW IT EXPANDS from a single stroller to either a double stroller or a stroller with an extra $150 a month storage unit on the back!

Seriously. I’m still in awe of this beautiful, leather trimmed creation. No words… but I’ll try.

So, like I said, it was an easy installation with a few wheels and 2 fenders to click in. That was about it. The stroller itself expands or folds with the slide of a few levers. It’s a seamless process that anyone (even older kids) can accomplish. The lever to expand this stroller into a double is on the back of the front seat. With a push of a button, you instantly have a double stroller. It’s quite magical. I think my jaw hit the floor (literally!) the first time I expanded it.

After you get past the awesome expansion, you move on to the beautiful (and removable!) fabric. Everything can be washed (YES!). The fabric is very luxurious feeling while also being durable. I feel super stylish with the beautiful leather trim and Rian just smiles when he rides in this… I swear, he must know style at 1.5 years old.

He loves the foot rest too. You can either keep it up, or push it down. Rian prefers to keep his feet up… typical (lol). And the seat is adjustable as well. You can choose from 5 different seat positions, going from upright to almost flat. (I’m sure this will come in handy if my son ever decides that a stroller nap is in his future.)


Here’s a fun fact: The Entourage holds up to 150lbs (GASP). So I can load this baby up with kids, sports equipment, beach gear, my two dogs, a husband and the neighbors kids. Or, I could take my extra large cargo bag and do a little shopping damage. It’s like having a Kohls cart built right into the back. I also love that you can zip up the bag to have it a bit smaller. This would be good for my Trader Joe’s runs.. (maybe it would make me stick to my list?)

My husband appreciates the adjustable handle bar. I can lower it for my medium stature and he can lift it to accomodate himself. Attached to the handle (but also removable), is a tote bag. This bag is AWESOME. It’s like having a diaper bag ready to go at all times! There are a million compartments, perfect for car keys, bottles, toys, etc.

This stroller has it all; from wheels that glide like butta to fabric as luxurious as it looks. What’s so great about this stroller though is that it’s just as functional as it is beautiful and stylish! I look forward to stacking luggage in it at the airport, loading up on future soccer balls and hockey sticks, and even attaching one of the many accessories they have available for two kids.

The Austlen Entourage is going to stay with my family for years to come! (I mean, look how happy my dad (AKA Pop) is walking with Rian! 🙂 … even if it was a tad bright outside LOL )

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