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It’s been requested (quite a few times) that I share a typical day in my keto life. While I strongly encourage you to find what works for you, this is what works for me. 



Calories – usually about 2,000 but I always eat back my exercise calories (because I am in maintenance mode). So this could go up to 2,400 or more.

Macros – I try to hit about 20% protein, 7% carbs and 73% fat. Again, this could change depending on the day. On training days, I typically (but not alwayseat a few more grams of carbs and protein to help with recovery.

Liquids  I always drink a gallon of water. I also will drink a cup of tea, kombucha or sparkling water when the mood strikes me.

Food – A typical eating schedule for me starts from 5am – 8pm.

5am – Bullet Proof Coffee made with 16oz coffee + 1 tbspn MCT Oil + 1 tbspn Heavy Whipping Cream
Between 10:30-1pm – Meal One …. usually I eat eggs, bacon, greens and cheese for this meal
3pm – Afternoon tea or hot cocoa …. I’ll add some sort of fat source (MCT Oil, butter or coconut oil) if I need it
6:30pm – Meal Two …. this usually includes meat, greens and fat
7:30-8pm – Dessert …. typically a fat bomb


Here are two days from my food logs:

Training Day: Calories – 2,358 | Macros – 51g Total Carbs (33g NET), 180g Fat, 118g Protein

Bullet Proof Coffee (coffee + 1 tbspn heavy whipping cream + 1 tbspn MCT Oil)

Meal One – 3 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, sauteed kale and cabbage & 2oz of Kerrygold Ballyshannon cheese

Snack – keto hot cocoa (16oz hot water + 1.5 tbspn unsweetened cocoa powder + 1 tbspn heavy whipping cream + 1 tbspn MCT Oil)

Meal Two – Spaghetti Squash pasta with meatballs + keto biscuit with butter & 4oz dry red wine

Dessert – 2 peanut butter and chocolate fat bombs + macadamia nuts

Non Training Day: Calories 2,026 | Macros – 36 Total Carbs (25g NET), 162g Fat, 101g Protein

Bullet Proof Coffee (coffee + 1 tbspn heavy whipping cream + 1 tbspn MCT Oil)

Meal One – Spaghettin squash, 2 slices of bacon, 3 eggs, 1 oz goat cheese

Meal Two – pork carnitas salad with salsa, cheddar cheese and sour cream

Dessert – Keto protein bar (40g melted coconut oil + 14g cacao butter + 1 scoop protein – mix and freeze) topped with peanut butter and marscapone cheese


I really want to stress again that you should eat for your goals and body. I listen to my body and eat when I am hungry. If I don’t hit my macros perfectly, I’m okay with it!

Go forth and keto on.




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