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Candy Jars (or really large bowls like we have in my house) are staples this time of year!

But what if you want to give the kids something a little healthier….. instead of just another high calorie candy bar? Here are some of the tips KIND Bar and I came up with:

1. Pick snacks with something nutritional (nuts, organic, dried fruit, etc.)

If you’re looking into handing out candy from the usual candy bags, choose something with some sort of nutritional component. For example, kisses with almonds and peanut m&ms include healthy nuts, some chocolate bars have dried fruit and Annie’s Organic fruit snacks make an unhealthy treat healthier!

Choosing smart candies (like Justin’s mini peanut butter cups) helps to make Halloween just a little bit healthier.

2. Swapping candy for healthier snacks like protein bars, cookies, etc.

So many candy bars are loaded with sugar and additives! Why not swap out the old for something healthy and new?! Try adding KIND Bars, little bags of nuts, trail mix, or organic dried fruit to your bowl this year! The kids will love having full size bars and snacks to munch on and their parents will be thankful too! 🙂

Smaller protein bars like Detour Simple or SMART Bars or KIND Pressed bars make great offerings.

3. Add fun items to your jar like tattoos, stickers, toys.

Hit up your local Dollar Store for neat toys that won’t break the bank! It doesn’t always have to be about edible goods! 🙂

4. Make your own treats!

If you have the time, it’s pretty cool to make your own treats! I made these rice crispy treats using Love Grown Bats & Boos cereal (made from beans!). Check out the recipe here.


You could also make some yummy caramel apples, chocolate peanut butter cups or protein cookies!


Here is a quick reference that I found helpful in regards to sugar consumption!


Halloween is about having fun and enjoying time with the kids. Let’s make it less about eating candy and more about making memories this year!! 🙂



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